by the ungood

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hold onto your butts -- here we go.


alone i sit
staring at your window
maybe i care too much
maybe i care too little
but my feet done brought me here
my money done bought my beer
and you always make me struggle
wasted i get
staring at your window
maybe i drink too much
maybe i drink too little
but the liquor done trigger my hand
with a flicker i light this land
and you want me to settle down
and i'm holding on
to a love that's gone
crazy i get
staring at your window
wish a friend would slap my face
wish a friend would let me know
i'm spinnin' my wheels all night
freezing cold under this moonlight
and you ain't nuthin' but trouble
and i'm holding on
to a love that's gone
i walked these roads one thousand times
paid my dues for a thousand crimes
fought my way through sleepless nights
and rose with the sun coming through my sights
fallin' down onto my knees
drippin' blood on my new blue jeans
standing in water up to my waist
bugs eat lunch all over my face
i don't care if you ever compare
my worthless love to a millionaire
how he got his money, forgot his friends
went through wives like he went through trends
up and down i been pushed around
kept my love in the lost and found
been mistreated, a little abused
but i ain't never been hurt like i been hurt by you
and i'm holding on
to a love that's gone


released February 6, 2011
Mark Nichols, Mark Davis, Alex Nine, Neil Sommer




the ungood Seattle, Washington

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